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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

So this week in the headlines there has been a story about a spy satellite that is going to get shot down by a missile because it has gone offline.

The story they are giving as the reason why it needs to be shot down is because "the fuel could be toxic and create a small toxic cloud upon reentry."

How dumb do they think we are? Why not be honest and simply say, "Yeah, there's a bunch of really sensitive top secret stuff up in that satellite and we have no clue where it's going to land. If it lands in China or in some other hands we're hosed and will lose tons of our technological secrets. So instead of taking that risk, we're going to blow it up into little bitty pieces that will burn up in the atmosphere before anybody can get their hands on it."

Now was it that hard? Just tell the truth.

Now as far as the news organizations go: Shame on you for simply repeating the lines that you're fed. The point of the news is to get informed, and when you simply pass on the propoganda of our government you do us a huge disservice. Instead of reporting what the government tells you to report, just report what is actually happening. It's stuff like this that makes me distrust less and less of what I'm told.


Anonymous said...

I believe 'reporting what the government tells you to report' = how news is reported in a socialist country. But that couldn't possibly be happening in our great and glorious democracy now, could it? Hmmm...

Unknown said...

You make me proud to be able to say I contributed to your DNA.

Unknown said...

As Lewis Black has noted... "They" think we're dumb enough that they print nutritional facts on water.

Look out for the unmarked helicopters.