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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Places to Eat

So I'm up in Chicago right now teaching a class for the man, and I decided to look for a place to eat. So I went to and looked for "restaurants schaumberg il" and got the following useful information:

I don't think anything else really needs to be said.


Dave said...

That's my old hood man.

I grew up here.

Try Lou Malnatti's for some real Chicago Style Pizza (not no mangia crap). The one on Roselle road is the best.

Also while you're up there get a cheezy Italian beef at Zippy's. Don't forget the sweet and or hot peppers, and make sure it's dipped.

Also no Chicago food experience is complete without a Chicago style hot dog. Gene in Jude's is by far the best Hot Dog I have ever eaten. For a 1.75 it's the best hot dog and fries you'll ever have. My dad and I used to go there after ever Auto show religiously.

Give me a ring if you have other requests. There's lots of great chains, but those above places are where I go whenever I go home. Hope you don't die from Cholesterol overdose. If you don't at least go to one of those place while you are up there I will be supremely disappointed and question my friendship with you.

Oh and do yourself a favor and drive into downtown at least once while you are there. Park on Michigan ave, and just gawk at all the pretty buildings. Chicago has the best Skyline I know of, and it's not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

The only obvious joke I can think of is too wrong to be made and involves a reference to an old sci-fi movie. Second word "Green".

Otis said...

If you can't say it, you might as well listen to it. Or at the least learn about it.

Oh, and Dave, thanks for the links. I can't physically eat that much food, but I will definitely try at least one of those places...much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The other word is Soylent. And it's people!

That's totally what I thought of when he told me about it.

Jeremy said...

that is disturbed.

Anonymous said...

That's how we do things in Illinois, mi amigo. Baby-eating is pretty much the only interesting thing about our state.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOH, BABY! Sounds like some fine Yankee dining there! Guess that's why they call it "ILL-inois". Does the main course come with a side dish of placenta & onions? Do they serve "liberal" helpings? Do they want you to eat there "N.O.W."? (Maybe this is why terrorist groups tell their followers that Americans eat their own children?) Do you choke down your meal with a saline wash? What kind of eating utensils do they use there, forceps? I think you'd better abort your lunch date there, and go somewhere else. Truly, it's a bore, shun it if you can. Hey why not go to McDonald's while you're in the Chicago area - after all, that's where the first one was built by Ray Kroc - and remember, if it wasn't for McDonald's, you wouldn't be here!! (real planned parenthood)... Anyway, have a happy meal, wherever you dare to go for a bite!