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Saturday, May 15, 2004

College Station in My Rearview Mirror

The day has come and it is gone. I feel like it's the day after I turned 21. A huge milestone has been achieved; yet, I really feel no different than the day before. Yesterday I got to walk across the stage and shake President Gates' hand (one that had no doubt loads of germs from the prior 437 handshakes) with my right, and received my diploma with my left. A simple action, but one that signals the end of one act and brings on the intermission before the next act comes into full swing.
Looking back I'm so glad of all that I've done. Even the bad things have served to teach me a great deal about who I am or more about those whom I know and love. It amazes me how every little step in life prepares you for the next. It makes you think, perhaps there is even more in store for me? Or perhaps I just need to lead a small life that is significant in meaning to those around me. I don't know, but now is the intermission, and the play doesn't really begin for a bit, so I can worry more about those things then.

For today I'm going to simply head off to the next and most exciting thing to happen in awhile. I'm about to leave College Station for a bit, and train to be a summer camp counselor. Honestly, I can't even express how excited I am about it all. I'm so excited to get my kids, to learn about them, help them grow as people and challenge them in new ways that will help them in their metamorphosis into grown men.

Camp won't really start for me until July, but the training is now and I know that the relationships forged over the next couple of weeks will be the foundations for helping our kids grow. I just pray that all goes well, and that God helps bring all of us counselors really close for the benefit of our kids.

I won't be able to post for the next couple of weeks, but I just hope all of you recent grads know that you'll be sorely missed. If you're off doing an internship or whatnot, then work hard, cause it maybe the best chance you get to prove how great you really are. And those off you in CS for the month of June; I'll see you in a couple of weeks!

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Michael said...

So how has Wild at Heart influenced your life? Does it have anything to do with your desire to be a camp councellor, and transform boys to men? I ran a search on my favorite book and you popped up. Keep on keeping on!